Ultramic 384K BLE, Dodotronic (www.dodotronic.com), is a very high performing ultrasound sensor used in BIOACOUSTICS. The creator is Ivano Pelicella, a biologist who left everything behind to follow a dream: he integrated his knowledge in the biological field with his passion in the field of physics, and a series of unique tools of their kind was born that are having increasing accreditation both in the professional and amateur world.

Distiller (Alambicco) in copper for distilling essential oils in a steam current with a coil cooling system, filter column to be applied between the boiler and the pre-chamber for better deflemmation and greater filtering (AgriStore di Cosenza V.)

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD, Photon Systems Instruments, Czech Republic (http://photo-bio-reactors.com/) is equipped with 8 independent vessels, each with is own independent illumination (up to 8 colors in each cultivation slot) and OD monitoring, temperature and aeration control for all vessels, and online software control.

Tiger, a portable VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) detector, by ION Science, equipped with Photo-Ionization Detection (PID) technology. It has a detection range of 0 to 20,000 ppm, with a sensitivity of 1 ppb, and a response time as low as two seconds.

PolyPen RP 410 is a sophisticated instrument from Photon Systems Instruments that calculates the spectral reflectance indices of leaves (eg NDVI, NDGI, PRI etc.) and displays them on the color screen. It detects, among other parameters, chlorophylls, accessory pigments, phaeophytin, anthocyanins, carotenoids. The data is then stored as complete spectra and available for transfer to a PC.

The 5977B GC/MSD (Agilent Technologies), the latest in the series of most trusted single quadrupole GC/MS instruments. The High Efficiency Source (HES) and Inert Plus Extractor EI source maximize the number of ions that are created and transferred out of the source body and into the quadrupole analyzer, improving sample throughput, analytical performance, and business outcomes.

Rotary shaker 709 / R, 55 x 32.5 cm, speed from 50 to 250 oscillations per minute, possibility of continuous or programmable operation from 1 to 999 ‘.