Tradition, culture, beautiful landscapes, nature, rediscovery of yourself are the keys to an economy on a human scale. Also, of tourism on a human scale. Rediscovery of the environment, nature, landscapes, history, culture, food and wine. And then health. Lots of health. Physical and mental. Or, to put it as it is used today, wellness and mindfulness. With a non-polluting vehicle (the bicycle) experienced not only as a tool to get into a wild and fast ride, but as a means to feel villages and ridges, greenway and paths, far from the frenetic pace that, thanks to this huge Covid tragedy not yet over, even those who were not used to lingering time were forced to do so. And they found they like it. In Italy there are many different realities, some more sensitive, others less concretely attentive to transport by bicycle, not only as a tool for entertainment, but also as a tool for daily travel.