Laura Arru

Degree with honors in Biological Sciences (Univ. Parma), Specialization cum laude in Applied Genetics (Univ. Milan). She is interested in communication in plants, historical plant-based medicines and microalgae. She holds the chair in Plant Physiology, is a member of the Teaching Committee of the STEBAA Doctoral School, of the Scientific Committee of the Biogest-Siteia Interdep. Center (High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region) and contact person in the Department for Disability and Sport. In 2010 she organized the first International Conference in Communication and Neural Processing; she is the author of publications and book chapters; holder of three patents; referee of international journals; author / speaker in television broadcasts and scientific and popular seminars. Profession: Researcher in Plant Physiology. Passion: martial artist, aikido black belt, cycling and mountain biking instructor.

Luca Forti

Degree with honors in Chemistry (Univ. Modena and Reggio Emilia), Doctorate in Chemistry (Univ. Parma). He is interested in microalgaal growth for CO2 biosequestration and for the purification of industrial wastewater (biorefinery), and in the chemical language in plant communication. He holds the chair of Organic Chemistry, is Director of the Master in Chemicals Management, reviewer, Editor and Guest Editor of international journals, reviewer of projects for Italian and foreign government organizations, Principal Investigator in numerous basic and applied scientific research projects in collaboration with private entities, author of publications in international journals. Profession: Researcher in Organic Chemistry. Passion: nature photographer and landscape astrophotographer, and trekker.

Maria Rita Cramarossa

Degree in Chemistry with 110 (Univ. Di Modena and Reggio Emilia) and PhD in Chemical Sciences (University of Parma), she deals with the characterization of volatile organic compounds and other secondary metabolites from yeasts, microalgae and plants. She is the fulcrum around which the excellence of our team revolves. Passion: she loves the sea, especially if it is stormy, she loves photographing landscapes, France and walking through the streets of Venice.

Francesca Frongia

Biologist and Biotechnologist with honors, she is our microalgae expert. From cultivation to maintenance, from wastewater treatment to the production of metabolites as antioxidants for cosmetic production or lipids for biofuels, microalgae have no secrets for her. She is carrying out a PhD in High Skills for Research and Technology Transfer of the Emilia-Romagna region on the management of integrated water resources in systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Vittoria Marsili

Vittoria, Degree in Biology with honors, is the last on board. Fascinated by the plant world since she was a baby, she pursued the dream of studying it in every formative choice. Here, she is doing her doctorate, focusing on a little explored field of research: the communication between plants, and between plants and the environment through sounds and volatile organic compounds. Deepening the understanding of the language used by plants opens the door to the knowledge of a form of communication with these living beings never completely until today, with unimaginable consequences in many fields.

MSc. in Natural Sciences (Univ. Parma, 2001) and MSc. in Environmental and Land Sciences (Univ. Modena and Reggio Emilia, 2011) both with 110 cum laude. He worked for 12 years as consultant on environmental permits and environmental impact assessments. He then worked for 9 years as middle school Math and Science teacher. He is currently a high school Science teacher and he is currently carrying out his PhD in our laboratories.

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Giulia Elena Trentini

Herbalist (LT) and Biologist (LM) with honors, she has a natural predisposition to knowledge of plant drugs, of the biologically active ingredients contained in them, their use, and their processing techniques. She also has a marked sensitivity towards Nature in general, humans included. She is carrying out a doctorate in the ancient theme of orthotherapy, i.e. on the study of the benefits deriving from the therapy of people with various types of discomfort (physical, mental, social, etc.) when immersed in practical activities with plants and nature.