Our laboratory investigates the use of microalgae for CO2 bio-sequestration and water purification. Through photosynthesis, the CO2 is converted into organic matter and O2. This organic matter can be pre-treated and used for the production of biofuels, feed, fertilizers, and other high-value products. We are assessing the effects of various independent variables, such as volume% of CO2, wavelengths and intensity of light, concentration of nitrogen and phosporous, and temperature, on the microalgae’s capacity of biofixation.

Additionally, we are exploring the use of microalgae to purify agro-industry effluents. The purified water and algal biomass can then be used to create nutraceuticals, cosmetics, medicines, or as a supplement to animal nutrition.

Finally, we are evaluating the use of microalgae for the management of water resources integrated in the systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources (in collaboration with the engineers of the BEELab – unimore) which led in 2019 to a patent n. 102017000082284.